O Happy Day


The last day. I am 23 weeks pregnant and I have seldom been more distracted. All I was able to think about those last several days was:

When can I eat again?

What will I eat?

What do I want to eat?

How long will I get to eat?

Absentmindedness abounds. Am forgetting everything except that which is ingrained by endless routine.

For the last day we had a Field day. Unfortunately it was rained out so we did indoor activities. Who’d a thunk 55 degrees and spitting rain on the first day of summer. Kids in my room quietly did origami while watching one of my all time favorite movies Spirited Away.

Then as they got on the bus to go home, kids were bawling (what’s up with that?) as teachers waved good bye and cackled on the corner by the stop sign as the big yeller buses hauled them off for the last time this year. Some kids got into the cornball spirit of it and waved their tissues out the window to say goodbye. It was a pretty hilarious scene. I am quite sure some kids missed the bus because they were all hugging each other desperately before getting on the bus. With all the tears you’d think we were sending them off to the gulag. No really, you’re just going home.

Now a packed June that will settle down into a mellow July and August and all next year I will be off in babyland. I am okay with all that.

We do have to go back Monday to get checked out, but no kids.

And I will not be getting out of bed at 5:30 AM for a looooong time, I hope, at least not till the kid is born. Got my summer reading lined up, A Thousand Splendid Suns and then Three Cups of Tea. I have purchased the prego bathing suit in which to take my daughter swimming. Hopefully there will be no mamarazzi trying to take pictures of my legs, revealing their less than perfect status on the cover of national tabs. HAHA. I will soon go out and buy a book of Sudoku which I will spent an inordinate amount of time on at first.

June we have J’s kids, which is always fun. J takes pretty much the whole month off and all we do is play every day for a month. Swimming, biking, anything that is fun, that is what we do. It is kind of like vacation at home. I have 2 trips to California, one to see a friend from Russia and then we all go to Cali for J’s reunion and some fun at Whiskeytown, on the boat and stuff. In July all we got is Jonathon Richman concert, which I cannot wait for, because he rocks the casbah.

peace out!

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  1. Lindsay says:


    I love teaching and all, but hooray for summer vacation. I, too, was totally ready to be done for the year.

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