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If you aren’t pregnant this post would most likely make your eyes roll back into your head.  If you are pregnant, it might be interesting.  If you had a C-section and are thinking of another kid, it might be worth a read.

When I had my first kid, I labored for nearly 24 hours before they said “You’re too tired,” and said my body was shaped wrong for this kid to come out… and they wheeled me in for a C-Section.  At the time, I was certainly medicated, and the way they were all looking at me, it was like this was the only option.  Afterward, I tried hard to focus on the beautiful girl I had and not so much on the fact that I never imagined a C-section for myself, and in fact, skipped that part entirely in any consideration of how having the kid would go.

Now I am pregnant with child number 2.  I guess, since I am late 30’s and because of the reasons A wasn’t coming along as quickly in her delivery I honestly just figured that I had better get another C-section, plus alot of doctor’s and hospitals won’t do anything but that once you have had a C-Section.

Adding to the complicatedness, I moved to a small town where options are limited anyway.  I have to drive 45 min to an OB/Gyn who would take me as her patient after I passed 10 weeks into the pregnancy.  Many doctors apparently will not accept you as a patient if you are past 10 weeks into the pregnancy.  I never heard of a more stupid rule, but there it is.

After getting the doctor, and getting to the midpoint in my pregnancy, I am thinking more about how this is all going to go down.

My question is this:  Why does almost every website on the internet say that regular delivery after a cesarean is safer than another C-Section if so many providers and hospitals won’t do them?

I feel like they are all messin’ with me.  No, actually I don’t really trust my provider so much as to carte blanche think that she has my best interest in mind.  But I did trust my previous provider immensely and more and she is the one who recommended induction with misoprostol (apparently not even approved for that purpose), an epi at 2 centimeters and all sorts of interventions that eventually led to a C-section.

Now I am just kind of starting to feel a bit angry.  I am wondering at 20 weeks if another OB/Gyn experience is what I want.  If I can even get a midwife so late.  If with my previous reason for not delivering very quickly would replay itself and lead to yet another unplanned c-section, thus making sticking with the OBGyn the better option.

I have learned that over 30 percent of all births now in the US are done by C-section.  The recommended percentage is 10 to 15 percent.  It is hard not to imagine that part of the reason for all these C-sections has alot to do with cost and convenience to the people who run the system.  Why would any woman elect to have major abdominal surgery?

All the information I am finding is upsetting.  The inducing seems to be lending itself to the increase in C-Sections.  I was told that the risk of the baby staying after it was due was dangerous, and inducing would be safer.

At this point, I sort of wonder if I wasn’t a fool for trusting my provider.  And I wonder if I would be a fool again for getting into it with another provider.  I wonder if going with a midwife wouldn’t just put me in the same place as before, laboring for a long time only to have another C-Section.

And finally, I have a feeling that there are very few parties to be trusted, and that many are working their own angle.

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  1. mrs t says:

    I labored for 36 hours with my first and only got to 8 centimeters, at which time it was suggested they do a C-section, especially since my water had been broken for over 24 hours. With my second, I again tried labor, but after 8 hours, my OB asked me what I wanted to do. She was very honest with me when she said “I think you could do it with a 5 pound baby, but I’m not real hopeful with this one.” I ended up choosing to have another C-section, and the doctor told me that she was very glad, because the internal scar from the first one was very thin, and she said it would have been risky to have it labor any longer, they are afraid of uterine rupture, which is quite serious. If we were ever to have a third, I would schedule a C section, under the advise of my doctor. I would do this because I am afraid of uterine rupture, becaue I know that the scars I have are thin and should not go through the stress of labor. I also know from having tried it twice, I fail to progress and that is just freaking exhausting. I think it depends on everyone’s situation- why they had a C-section in the first place. I never felt like anyone wanted me to have a C-section for their own convenience. I always felt that they were concerned with my health and safety as well as my babies’. As far as inducing after the due date, I think they are concerned with amniotic fluid levels.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for sharing your account, mrs. t. i know when i went looking for an OB it was ultimately a sort of “I am not looking for more risk associated to this child than what needs be” decision for C Section.

    And I still agree with that.

    But it is frustrating to see all these websites insisting that VBAC is often times better for mom and child, however providers and hospitals (at the hands of insurance companies) won’t do them.

    There are a bunch of reasons out there…and after reading, I posted out of a bit of irritation with feeling like doctors/hospitals were perhaps a little more motivated at times by the expense of the procedure and its convenience than for the recovery time of mom or what was best for kid.

    I think my sensible self (not the one who posted) would say that if the baby comes out ok, if mom is ok in the end, then the other stuff, forget about it.

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