Minnie Jean & how to get your kids to act right.


Such everyone called her.  We had the honor of hosting Minnie Jean Brown Trickey at our middle school last week.  For the uninitiated (like myself) Minnie Jean Brown Trickey was one of the Little Rock 9 from Central High when the U.S. desegregated schools.  Her story is pretty amazing so it was cool to have her.

She got the royal treatment which I am glad for.

The thing that I thought was funny and ironic was that, as an educator, we learn ALOT about how these kids are the adults of the future and all our dealings with them should bear that fact in mind.  In other words, respect the kids.  Love and Logic discipline, positive behavior supports and all kinds of things to make sure we are treating them right.  It’s a good thing.

But the irony of all that is that every teacher (I counted 3 plus a principal guy) spoke to them about behavior at this assembly, and from start to finish I heard primarily threats.  They threatened them on the bus on the way there, in the class beforehand, when the principal spoke with them, he has a bad habit of yelling his threats into a microphone (yes, it is as bad as it sounds) at an assembly.  And well, the threats worked.

So much for love and logic, wink.

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