18 weeks


Buying all new clothes.  I wish I could enjoy it more!

A student told me the other day that her mom wished she could be pregnant again after she asked me if I liked being pregnant.  I told her I was glad to be having a child, but that I wasn’t crazy about being pregnant.  She said her mom wished that she could be pregnant again even though she has 3 kids already.  I appreciated this message.  I also not long ago read some Erma Bombeck thing where she mentioned she wished she appreciated pregnancy more.  It makes me think I should worry less about squooshing the little babe and being miserable in almost everything but a dress.

The kid is growing to look more like a little person rather than the early stages had her looking like, with the large head.  She is getting bones, starting to hear maybe and skin is growing.

And I am wondering how uncomfortable would I be if I attacked that evergreen shrub in our yard with the nippers, knowing full well I would have to bend over the whole time.

I am counting the days till the end of the school year.  I have made it through April pretty much, now just May.  I have plenty of energy in the AM but by days end it is sort of like “you want more than for me to merely exist and breathe right now?” which isn’t really the kind of teacher I consider myself to be.

I have a 7:00 a.m. meeting every Tuesday.  And I am lucky!  Last pregnancy I worked right up 3 days before I gave birth and I was a week late.  So, yes, I know I have no basis to whimper.  I know it is all quite doable.

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