The world is insane


Perhaps it was the “How they killed the Electric Car” DVD I watched not too long ago. Or maybe it is all the news about how people are suddenly starving to death and there is all of a sudden this giant shortage of food worldwide. Or maybe it is all the economic panic. Or maybe it is the high gas prices. Or maybe it is how everyone is planting corn for ethanol. Or maybe it was those news reports that said it would take the equivalent of 3 gallons of gasoline to make one gallon of ethanol…

Whatever it is, it seems like the whole world is so desperate to keep our cars going, that now we are the cars our lunch and people are going hungry to keep on driving.

And I am listening to all this as I drive to work in the morning. The only option for me to not be driving this truck is to invest in a 20,000 dollar vehicle which will eat less gas but cost me 500 a month in car payments. Then I can sit on my “moral superiority” high horse for being eco friendly, while I check an infant into daycare because I have to work to afford this moral superiority.

And for poor people, being “eco friendly” basically a luxury of the rich, as they can only afford whatever car is on the lot that has a nice price–if they can afford a car at all.

How is it that the only solution that the government can come up with to reduce dependence on foreign oil is one that causes people all over the place to not have enough to eat? Who thought that was a good idea? It’s as if they hadn’t heard of myriad other option for giving energy to vehicles.

And that DVD I mention, well it ended up with this news that ultimately the breakthrough battery that this man made that would allow the car to run for a very long time between charges was purchased first by GM, ostensibly to be used (?), but then scrapped and the rights sold to Texaco. Gee, I wonder what Texaco did with it.

It all makes me just kind of angry, actually. That while I sit here and anticipate a huge check from the government, and while they pay farmers not to grow food, there are people out there lining up for low grade 7 cents a loaf bread. I guess it makes me mostly angry because the ones who pay most of all for these problems are children and elderly, the most helpless populations.

How is this a civil society when we are jamming our sandwiches for lunch into our gas tanks just to get us to the jobs that make it so we can survive, and buy more gas? I feel angry about decisions that the current administration has made about joining Kyoto and past administrations have allowed the oil companies to control so much about my life.

I don’t mean to sound like a bleeding heart here, but it is called social responsibility, and I am not sure how being socially responsible could every be considered liberal. I suppose if being socially responsible is liberal than I am , but I would hate to think that meant there was a whole group of folk out there for whom social responsibility was just not important.

Did I ever tell you about the bumper sticker I saw “Live Simply that others may simply live” on the back of an SUV?

That sort of silliness is what this all looks like to me.

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  1. mrs t says:

    This might make you smile. Parents of friends of ours discovered that there was oil on some land they own. Upon further investigation, it was found to be a significant amount, and drills were set up. They could potentially get quite a chunk of change from this.
    Wanna know what kind of cars they drive? Prius. They have 2. Oh, the irony!

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