At ease



A went at her own hair with scissors about 3 times before J started recommending that I take her in for a haircut. I was quite set on a little girl with long hair.




But while taking her pic one day I saw what a scraggly little thing she looked with these ridiculous haircuts she gave herself and I took her in. There were 2 choices based on the mullet that A had given herself. The prince Valiant or the “eurobob”. A little girl came in with the wedgie cut and looked cute enough. We are ultimately ok with it.


A is just turned 3 in March. She is all of 3, with her own will, testing and also an abundance of joy and silliness. She makes me smile every day. I am looking forward to summer.






Here is J on his guitar, probably playing Jethro Tull or something equally goofy.

This is Monday night at home. A was playing her guitar too.

After working the whole day, it is this time when we do very little that was the whole purpose for the day, it seems to me.

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