What do you do with a pregnant teacher?


There are times in life when I felt like people looked at me like a question mark. As in, I was a question mark. Like when I was a young adult and my parents worried about my future and my decisions.

As a pregnant teacher I also feel like that. I am asked daily what my plans are for next year. While I can hardly worry about things like the perceptions of my colleagues, I am planning on staying home next year and going part time after that. There was a huge turnover last year at this school (20%) and since the start of the school year I have fielded the question of whether I planned to come back next year. I always said yes, happily. Now its a little different.

Students are asking me too. I do not have the heart to say that I am not going to be back. I can handle leaving the adults and their politics more than the kids. Their next teacher might be better, or might be worse. They have to cope more with new teachers.

I am hearing the questions daily. I don’t want to look at them and say “No, I am not coming back next year.” But that is what it amounts too.

And with good reason, J and I are doing everything possible for me to be home with kids. We will sock away as much as we can so that ends will meet each other. Yes that car replacement will have to come later. After that I will be part time, probably for quite awhile. And I am quite good with that, I want to still be a mom. But I don’t want us to go broke doing it.

It always strikes me as ironic that in the 70’s women fought to be able to hold jobs, and now some of us have to hope and even fight to stay home with the kids.

Well, this pregnant teacher is going to aim for the best of both worlds.

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