Pregnancy 14 weeks


Being pregnant while working. I know I am not going to elicit sympathy here, but it makes me look forward to summer that much more.

Aside from the “Gads, what am I going to wear today” problem (wherein I consider wearing the same thing every day from now till the end of the school year) there are also 2 coworkers who say “Ma-ma” every time they see me.

I guess I would just never do that to a pregnant lady, I mean, she is liable to karate chop you.

I also had the fun experience of telling bosses who pretty much already knew. At least they didn’t ask me if I was probationary like my first boss did (He may not have intended it to sound so bad, but it did)

I have had people asking me all year if I would be at this same school next year and the answer has always been “Yes” but with pregnancy, especially now with a second child on the way, our plans were that I would stay home and go part time after the kid turned 2 so as to avoid checking an infant into a day care.

So people are asking me what my plans are for next year. I feel if I tell them I will be home, I am saying “yes, I am new, and I am also a nonfactor for next year”. I would much prefer to be planning on staying, mostly for the kids and the sake of consistency.

The kids are very nice. But I still get very tired toward the end of the day such that I have last period prep and it is always some small temptation to hit the road.

But this is standard moaning and groaning. I am of course very excited having seen the baby two times to imagine holding a newborn again, and watching her grow (she is a girl in case I didn’t say so earlier). I am excited for the mothering furlough ahead. It is a nice time, as I recall with Addy, I just got to be a mom for a little bit. Nesting, making dinner, making plans with friends…it was all a nice time.

New scrapbooks, new baby nesting and the fact that it seems almost like an otherworldly time of life that only lasts a short time. Am very excited, and will be much more so when this school year is over.

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