Had ourselves a snowy little spring break


I think everyone who stayed in Oregon for break was a little indignant and disgusted with the fickle but decidedly freezing weather on break.

One’s logical thought process:

Oh look, the sun is out. I will go get a jacket and we can go ride bikes. (goes to closet, returns to front door. Upon opening door, is blasted by 30 degree weather and hail which the child is referring to as “beads!”) Frik! Now what. No no more TV. That’s right, go play with your trains some more. Adult totters around house picking up random misplaced objects, knowing full well this task is among the most futile in the universe. Walks past window to observe a sun break. Oh look, it’s a sunbreak, maybe I will go get the mail. (opens door and steps out just as raindrops the size of small lakes deluge and soak any foolhardy enough to venture out) Frik!

And this goes on pretty much every day for a week. It rarely got out of 39 degrees.

What really happened over break? I stopped trying to wear my old clothes while pregnant. And no I am not going to wear those forsaken pants with the 12 inch rubber waist band. I am going to wear dresses with those little stretch pants underneath.

I told my students today though, and they were very happy. I guess I was surprised? I know better than to expect much from middle schoolers…

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