A Good Day


For the past months I have been trying to find a doctor in our new community. I found several…I was trying for a female, and a family practitioner if possible, but willing to take what I could get if necessary.

What I found out was:

1. At work, all my calls are automatically forwarded to my voicemail where I do not know the password.

2. There were at least 3 offices that wouldn’t take you if they couldn’t get you in between 8 and 10 weeks.

Hence this week was the first time I was able to see a doctor. The following thoughts went through my mind while waiting for this appt.

1. Maybe it’s just a tumor that makes the hormone to set off the pregnancy tests.

2. Maybe it’s not really a baby.

3. I have an alleged baby.

But today, I went to my new doctor, who if she wasn’t just as good as my old doctor, she was better. Furthermore, their office has an ultrasound and I saw this child.

Now I can rate this day as highly as the day I heard Addy’s heartbeat, and I am for the most part out of the high risk part of pregnancy. To make this all better, as if it could get better, I got to have lunch at Greek Cusina, ride bikes tonight and get my first spring pedicure.


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  1. Mrs. T says:

    Awesome day! Good for you!Have the doctors call your cell phone. I know it’s “unprofessional” to use one’s cell phone at school, but when all calls are forwarded to your voicemail and you don’t know the code, well, what’s the point?Jealous of the pedicure- I desperately need one of those! I will wait a few more weeks, as we are nowhere even close to sandal weather.

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