teacher sick day

Teachers don’t really get vacation, primarily because we get so many days off, spring break, winter break and of course the three reasons why we are teachers to begin with: June July and August. However, in complete honesty I know I am not the only teacher who has taken a mental health day.

Today I was sick. It wasn’t a mental health day, I am really sick. I would much rather be at school than sick.

But I have taken a mental health day, and despite the fact that we have to spend 2 hours writing up 5 pages worth of sub plans (which they will probably never read), I still have taken these days.

The question at large is: what do teachers do on their mental health days?

Do they clean the house *shudder*? Do they correct papers (again, *shudder*) Do they go shopping? Do they hang out at the library with a bottle of wine in a paper bag? Do they make science experiments? Do they catch up on their sleep? Do they recycle? Do they sweep the garage? Do they hide under their beds? Do they write letters to their grandma’s? Do they go shopping for some new clothes?

What do teachers do on their mental health day? Hey help me, I want to know?!

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  1. Mrs. T says:

    Well, sometimes I really do clean the house. Sometimes I just hang out at home and watch TV. One afternoon, I got ready for my daughter’s birthday party. It all depends. A TRUE mental health day should be spent doing something enjoyable and stress-free.Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Nic says:

    Mostly kid errands—doctor/dentist appointments, school counselor/teacher visits, etc etc—that keep getting put off while I’m at work dealing with other people’s offspring all day.

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