for posterity’s sake

Knowing full well that no one care, but just for my own sanity I have to talk about the good time He and I had this weekend. Friday night we went to lil pub that’s our favorite, then to Home Depot to look at stuff to make our house better.

Sat. we had to go look at some rocks (don’t ask, we are going to build a wall) but the rock place decided it was closed even though it said it was open on the website, but to redeem the day we did some other fun stuff, like getting donuts (one knows one is old when getting donuts seems so rebellious-in fact He even suggested we take a walk around the library “for fun” haha!) then went to a shop we had wanted to go in, came home and I went to a gym and nearly passed out because I haven’t actually gymmed out since August. Sat. night we got all duded up and went to a wine bar, which was a little more foofy than we wanted so we ended up at a Bistro a little further south that had really yummy food, and was a perfect place for us, I got to sit next to the fireplace.

This AM we got up and went to a bookstore and got coffee, traded in books and bought some for him and I and for the girl. Then we went to the store that is the definition of a baffling ordeal (Ikea) and bought a small dining table and some other stuff. J likened the place to huge trash heap of instant garbage. I had to point out that pretty much everything we have ever bought there is still serving us quite well…

And then we went to pick up the girl, who was very sick and sniffly and looked very tired. We took her home and snuggled her, fed her and put her to bed with some medicine.

This was out Valentines Day, and I am relishing it because more than likely we won’t be having time like this again until summerish.

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  1. Mrs. T says:

    Hey, I care!Sounds like a great weekend, save for the sick baby girl. Hope you don’t have to wait til summer for another weekend like this!

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