Photo Essay: Holidays 2007

This is S post Christmas, a shot taken by her brother. Here we are in Redding, CA at J’s parent house.

On the drive home from CA, normally made during the day, J took this shot of at all places, a rest stop.

On New Years Eve, heading home, we stopped to see the A’s who are parents to a A3, who likes my A, even though seh jacked his Curious George slippers (My A has a slipper fetish)

This is taken after all festivities have come to a close and life is approaching a normal pace. Here we are checking out the park nearby and A is pleased to have climbed up this structure.

I didn’t realize her swing had run out of steam, and she was just sitting there, because I was er, too absorbed in the moss.

Our holidays beginning. Another lovely noble. Thankyou twee.
A enjoying her gifts, making a call to her agent?
A proving me wrong: that musical boxes are in fact, very interesting.

Only in California do these flowers grow in subzero temps.

Always something to take a picture of….

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