It’s because I am old

Reorienting. New home and community.  Questions are like this:

Where am I supposed to buy Christmas gifts way down here?
Dude, they don’t even have a Trader Joes nearby, how are we supposed to have appetizer night?
I need some clothes. I dress like a schlemiel. Where can I go here?
Oh man we really need some Ethiopian Food! Let’s go…oh wait, I forgot. We live in THE BERG.
Hey let’s have Pho tonight, oh yeah, we live in NEWBERG.

So yes, I am missing the cultural selections in Portland.

On the bright side, every single one of our neighbors have brought us tasty baked goods, and have warmly welcomed us. We live in a nice place! There are mountain-looking things nearby! There is a rockin coffee shop that has a play area for kids AND WiFi!

Why is this all making me feel old? Because not having the stuff I love and am familiar to makes me think I should just stay home. Then I remember that is how people become shut ins. I remember thinking once in my 20s that the key to forever youth is the ability to adapt. I feel some ways I am adapting poorly.

Shush, I tell you secret.

The other day I felt like a cantankerous old hag. I was acting just like my parents.

ABORT! ABORT! It was so easy.

I think really its because I just need some time wandering around Portland, preferably on my bike (not likely) and eating Ethiopian Food to make it all okay.

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