Because it just wasn’t enough to move to a new community and start a new job, J and I also enrolled A for the first time in a child development center. It isn’t exactly day care. It is part of University and funded by a teaching research organization where J works. I went to the place and it seemed good. There A does stuff she doesn’t so much get at home, like lots of interaction with kids around her age.

But the first day was rough. I let J know that he really should not email me about incidents where A is sad and wants to go home because it was too hard to bear while I was at work. The kicker was that ELD teachers are required to organize 3 parent nights over the course of the school year. And that was the day A started, so I didn’t see her until the next evening after her second full day at the CDC.

I am sure I am not alone in going through this. It is very debatable as to whether I will be full time next year…in fact the plan is: no.

Surely I am not the only mom in this situation.

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  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for the comment on emergent valley. Our group kind of petered out. Let me know if you find something cool in Newberg. I attend Salem Alliance Church. There are a few of us that hang out and talk about spiritual stuff, and we kind of call ourselves the group for people who hate church. I like it. Best wishes to you and yours as you get established.Tom

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