What can I learn here?

In my late 20’s, much to my chagrin, I moved every six months for several years.

No I didn’t like it at all. But in one house a roommate wouldn’t allow any of my friends who weren’t native English speakers (what is up with that?) and the other roommates defended him. I just ended up having to move alot and it stank.

About all I wanted after grad school was to move as little as humanly possible. It took us 3 moves to get there, but I think we have arrived at that spot.

But oh, the mess.

Once I do get a room cleaned, I am disappointed by how thoroughly white and undecorated and monochromatic the room seems. In our last house, our colors worked out so well, many of the people who looked said we had chosen well. We are back to white. So, it is clean, and there is an echo and at least there are no boxes.

Next time I move, it will be overseas.

Went to Ikea today.

I cannot believe what a baffling ordeal that store can be. Had picked out the bookshelf and toy storage thing online beforehand. Had a few other things. It was just ridiculous though, it was as though by design the store was trying to tax every last bit of patience and make me wish I never had to ever ever ever go there again to buy their cheaply made garbage. I predict other people will feel the same way…

As one enters the store, they do everything possible to make the shopper ascend to the second story to commence, but they don’t really tell you this. They all but block access to the first story and make carts unavailable, which if you are looking for a cart to enter the store, from the very get go it is a bit difficult. Then, when the shopper chooses to ascend to the second floor, they will not allow the shopper to bring their cart (??), ask them to park it downstairs. Where my cart was subsequently taken with all the merchandise I had gotten as I meandered through their serpentine layout. I decided I would sooner skip it than walk through their maze again.

So going upstairs I had to find another cart and start again…but of course you cannot pick up larger items until you get to the very end. Rather than being able to just go to the warehouse, because of their layout I have to double back and forth and around and around, constantly seeing signs that promise an exit that never comes. Once I got to the warehouse to pick up the stuff, it was heavy and high up so it was nice that a person working there helped out, even if he did seem a little put out by it.

You have to buy bags there, not a biggie, 5 cents each, but in the scheme of things already seeming like a baffling ordeal, not having a bag to carry whatever cheap garbage was purchased seems kind of like another reason to expect the most annoying shopping experience ever upon setting foot in the place.

Did I mention the perpetual throngs in the place? I have never visited an Ikea when there weren’t 35 million people there.

I left and now have a couple things from there, but have never been so irritated by that store before today. Honestly, if people saw what most of their stuff was made out of, I don’t believe they would ever buy it. Sheets are a good deal there. A few other things too. One has to be picky about their furniture, but it is altogether depressing to buy furniture there because it is so Mickey Mouse, it is almost like instant garbage in 10 years (if you get that much use out of it).

If you do not believe, or think perhaps I am exaggerating, I invite you to their website where they freely disclose that bookshelves are made of paper, foil and embossed painted cardboard.

They do have products made of wood, but it is veneered particle board. For that, the buyer can expect a very heavy bookshelf that is also sadly just a half a step above target furniture, and sometimes not even that much.

Happy shopping. :o)

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  1. Mrs. T says:

    The IKEA shopping experience is not meant to be a quick stop. It is meant to be An Event. I did get a pretty sturdy bathroom cabinet there, but I’ll agree with you on the shoddily made furniture as a rule. I also got some curtains for my dining room- 7 bucks a pair, and I needed 3 pairs. I got a lot of curtain for not much money, and they look good, to boot.PS What IS with roomates only wanting native English speakers? Blows my mind.Happy nesting, I hope this is it for a while!

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