Baby Kong

Today in downtown we went shopping together to get some farmers market stuff and then to the toy store. It’s sort of a tradition, there is a toy store downtown that doesn’t have the typical “let’s market a character to children” fare, but just cool variations on old standards.

Am not sure what inside of me revolts against the marketing of characters to kids, probably to old prig in me.

We got her a few things, blocks, teaset and she was in love with the little mini stroller, so we had to get it for her.

She walked the six blocks back to the car pushing her mini stroller. She walked passed all varieties of people, including biker dudes with zz top beards and chirped “Hi! What’s your name?” as she pushed her small pink plastic stroller. It made me happy to see her bringing smiles to not only me.

At one point she was trying to get it over the curb. She lifted the thing up over her head like a baby king kong going to smash the world with her small pink stroller. But the stroller came down and the world was safe again.

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