Food, Beauty, Joy, work and rest

Maybe it is the end of the summer that does this to me. Maybe it is the deep colors, fragrances and tastes of happiness that saturate me to my bones and make me reprioritize what is important and what is not.

This, my last day of summer, I spent promising myself I would get alot of stuff done.

Well I did, but which stuff of importance, I don’t know.

Instead of arranging to have official transcripts sent (again), I swept the patio and tended my dahlias, mums and pansies.

Instead of packing more teaching things out to the car, I took my daughter to the park and hung around for an hour or more.

Instead of vacuuming the house thoroughly, I watered the garden and sat and ate sunflower seeds on the back patio. Shamelessly, almost hedonistically wasting precious time.

Instead of making the bed, I wrote cards to people whom I knew needed a word of encouragement or love.

And what a perfect perfect way to spend the last day of summer.

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  1. Mrs. T says:

    All of that other stuff will be there later. Time spent with your babe is precious.

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