I will be full time this year, working at a new school with a homogenous group of language learners (meaning they are all Spanish speakers) in a brand new middle school. I still do not know what my schedule will look like.

Things I am learning:

Where old skool was rigid to the point of being ludicrous, this school is very flex, and hard to pin down. For example, what I was hired for changes depending on who you ask. Although they all agree I am a teacher, so that’s a good start.

They do teacher blogs here. Interesting!

They are very wired projectors/dvd’s in every room and school is a wireless environ.), and I will be able to, for the first time, maybe actually do some exploring of the possibilities with technology without meeting perpetual frustration and utter indifference. Am already getting good ideas.

Did I mention I still don’t know what subjects I am teaching? Hmmm.

My new community is well, it’s like a golfing and football type place. One woman called it a “sports community”.

I am trying to refrain (brgaslhnung!) from making comparisons from my previous school, like wow! no duty! wow! my own chair! new! wow! they are giving me whiteboard markers!

J and I are going to be paying a bit in child care and we will be carpooling to work, which will be nice. We have already discussed division of labor issues as I go back FT and he will be working from home much of the time. So, his job being so far is a bummer, but his schedule makes up for it, he can work from home 3 days a week.

At this time, I might point you to my new and totally not done teacher blog, which I will have to do in Spanish…

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