2007 Trip away


I liked this motel because they boasted color TV. And electric heat. I can imagine the conversation on deciding where to sleep.

“Ooh! Electric heat! No more standing by a flaming barrel just to get warm!” or “Oh look, honey, this hotel has Remote Control on their TV’s!”

One year I insisted that we go somewhere else, for fun. A vacation. J was not sold. I had to insist. He said he didn’t feel like he needed a vacation. I had to find a cheap place to stay because we don’t have much in the way of camping gear. Plus I didn’t really want to camp long with a little kid.

We ended up last year and again this year going to the Redwoods on the North Cali coast. This is a really good vacation. There is tons of cycling, lots of cheap places to stay (or camp) and no end of things to do, all of which are basically free.

We explored some old places, that we had been to before, Smith river, Stout Grove in the Redwoods, some other little places, but this time we also went to Patrick Point State Park. We went to Agate Beach first. There was alot of driftwood on this beach. Can you believe some people sell this stuff online?

People there on the beach were making little house type things, very intricate, with the many shapes of driftwood. I wonder why so much driftwood comes to this particular beach.

We had to hike downhill to get to the beach, which left us with a really nice view on the hike.

Here is A occupying herself with driftwood at Agate Beach.

I didn’t really realize how interesting this guys shell would be …

There are a lot of beaches because we stayed in a beach town, crescent city, made little trips to Trinidad, ate fish and chips and did alot of riding our bikes along the beach.

This ride is from Pebble Beach Drive up to Point St. George…a short ride, about 10 miles or so.

But then there was the Redwoods, when we got tired of the beach. These clovery things are purple on their back sides and their back sides turn red when they are growing off a log.

We met some friends in the Redwoods. This one is kinda shy.

This burl is taller than my 6 foot husband. You can grow a whole tree from just a little piece of the burl.
I am a little in love with the shots of the sun filtering through and the trees dwarfing my family. However, after this I did go our and get a filter for the camera for skylight, as many of the pics have a sort of blue look to them.

Addy is on a gigantic redwood stump. It is about 15 to 20 feet across.

These pictures were taken on Walker Road, places easy to access and not at all crowded.

The roads that went through the redwoods that we were on, ended up at the Smith River. It is the only river in California that is not touched at all by human activity. No dams and it receives no effluent from water treatment. There were a bunch of tadpoles there.

The only down side really was that Addy was sick most of this trip. In this pic I had to photoshop out her drippy nose. She kept us pretty tight on her nap schedule because she was trying to get better. Our room, the place we stayed, was only 65 a night with all taxes and it had a swimming pool. But there are so many cute little cabins and stuff, I think next time I will explore a different spot…the pool was a big plus though.

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