Summer Reading

Summer reading is almost as sumptuous as a few months at a spa.

Unfortunately my summer reading hasn’t even really kicked into gear, but I do have some books that I have nibbled, some munched. I haven’t found the right one yet.

I started with John F. Kennedy’s “A Nation of Immigrants”

It was a little more historical than I was hoping.

I started reading Shusaku Endo’s Silence. And it looks excellent, but its more like a steak and Cabernet Sauvignon when I am in the mood for a Chicken Caesar.

And I have The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho waiting for me. I think I will love it. I got the notion from Z, thanks Z.

I ordered a David Sedaris book.

So what else should I read?

I am also trying to read John Piper’s “Don’t Waste Your Life” but it isn’t the world’s lightest book.

Okay, I am open for suggestions! What are you all reading? What are you recommending?

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  1. Natalie says:

    I will always respond to this question because I love summer reading too. I just made it off the hold list at the library for The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. I like it so far. Next week I will be picking up and reading my reserved copy of Harry Potter. I hope someday soon I will get off the hold list for the new Ian McEwan novel. I love his books.Good luck with The Alchemist. I didn’t have the appreciation for it that some other members of the book club I was in did. It borderlines on the fantasy genre for me–but I have noticed that a lot of latin (Mexican and South American) writers do that like Garcia Marquez and Jose Saramago.

  2. ms. whatsit says:

    I’ve read just about everything by Paulo Coelho. My favorite is Eleven Minutes, which is rather racey, btw.My summer reading has been light, mostly Erma Bombeck. No doubt I will gobble up the new Harry Potter book next week.

  3. Mrs. T says:

    I read “Moral Disorder” by Margaret Atwood- a collection of short stories that all run together. I just finished “Little Children”, by Tom Perrotta-eh. Of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I read “Prep” while I was in Spain and loved it for its vivid, honest glimpse at being a teenager. Amy Tan’s “Saving Fish from Drowning” is up next- it’s for my book group. I’ve not heard good things, which is disappointing because I love Amy Tan.

  4. Adeline says:

    well cool I will look at these!

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