Cure for insomnia: the personalities of numbers

I was listening to the radio the other day and a guy came on who was a savant.

He was talking about how when he was young numbers were his best friends, the most comforting.

How odd.

But then in the twilight when I was trying to sleep I was thinking about this again. And in that fuzzy place between wake and sleep I could see the personalities of certain numbers in a way …like they had been there all along. Yes, this will be one of those crazy posts.

So for a long time without clear explanation 36 has been my favorite number. I always felt like it was such an easy going number, kinda went along with all the other numbers because 6 times 6 was 36 and it was divisible by 2 and yet it had the 3 in it…it was the number all the other numbers wanted to hang around with. It was easy to do things with 36, and it was so round, and it seemed just kinda okay and happy, or at least without anxieties and hangups.

And so then I started to think about the other numbers, and the first one I thought of was 9. Another number I like. 9 was like the cool mellow artsy kid in school. He saw the world a different way so things didn’t really bug him too much. I could even imagine 9 in his rumpled artsy clothes and too long hair.

Remember, this is me trying to go to sleep…

then I went down. Though 9 was the cool kid, the one I hung out with more or related too more was 8. I liked 8 for his or her predictability, it always looked the same, no matter how you turned it, and it had this look of infinity on its side…

And 7. Poor 7, such high expectations “Lucky number 7” so afraid to disappoint and be found out …that he wasn’t really any more lucky than any other number.

And poor 6, a true middle child, perpetually overlooked, awkward and self effacing.

And 5. Again, the high expectations and working hard to live up to it. A little tense, but still overachieving…serious.

Am I projecting here?

then I went on to 12 and 14 and then I think I fell asleep, thinking about 22 and 28 and all the personalities, all the subtleties and details that it was to just describe them enough to put me to sleep…

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