For G


These are some pics of G that J scanned in tonight and I sent on for the presentation for her memorial service. These here that I have posted remind me of G’s country spirit the most. Here she is waving hi from the barn.
Grandpa and her at the farm, she used to make yogurt from the goats milk with fresh strawberries from her garden. I was a little suburban girl and didn’t really appreciate how cool this was at the time. I preferred my bowl of Buck Wheats and a bunny shaped pancake that she made for us.
Here Gram is pregnant with my dad, about 1941 or 1942 here.

Youthsome and toothsome, as Suley would have said.

And my favorite, a side of her I saw less, her younger years of high spirits…

There are so many stories in my family that I wasn’t privvy to, like why she only went one year to the University of Washington before she married grandpa. She was studying to be a librarian. How cool is that? When I see grandma and all the places she travelled and how she loved books and cooking and gardening and verse and some drawing, I know that she gave me some of her good stuff too.

I wish sometimes there weren’t so many years and so many miles between her and I, she would have been interesting to know as someone my age.

Love you gram.

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