More than one love


My dear man, J, has furtively been setting up this project since we married. it is called Creative Pro Office. It is an invoicing system for creative professionals. He released a stable beta launch on March 1 and the world has been paying attention.

My man sneaks down to his computer and, if I let him, would come out only to grab more tea and Doritos, if I bought Doritos, so he is instead stuck with bowls of MiniWheats. For him, a concession is to watch TV with me, which is some nights our only form of bonding (we are aware of this not being a really great thing, hence the no tv or computer for a week last week).

But in the past 5 years he has created a really amazing little web app, and his feedback and users has soared into the stratosphere. Good job, man. He has some crazy number of hits and I think it is some variety of a fulfillment of his lifelong dream to be a real computer programmer. Not bad for an EE major.

He gave me some real encouragement the other day, even higher than what he normally gives, and it hit home. And when I look at what he made, I think of all the hours, the hours, on the puter, but ultimately I am proud of him, as it makes him very happy. And I make fun of him for having a mouse growing out of his hand and the fact that he works on 2 computers at once.

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  1. Nic says:

    I wonder what the stats are on how many of us teachers share our lives with, well–geeks (and I mean that in the most endearing way, of course.)Congrats to yours!

  2. Adeline says:

    For the teacher bloggettes I am sure we are in the blogging thing because our spouse shares his life also with his one eyed spouse.

  3. Jeff says:

    Dudette, that’s so not fair. I would come up for more than tea and Doritos. I’d come up for steak, beer, chocolate and lovin’. Sheesh! Some folks are never satisfied. (You know I love you for puttin’ up with me đŸ™‚

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