A la farra!

We had a party this weekend for A and J because…birthdays. We invited a boatload of folks. And they came!

Our house was overflowing, which was fine and good by all standards, but I had been hoping for more sun so that people could overflow onto the porch.

I get overwhelmed at parties. I enjoy so much that people get to talk to connect and visit, and I love that I could make it happen.

Addy was a good girl at her party. She was low key, seemed at home entertaining people while mom was slowly getting maxed out.

Our neighbors and a friend (a grandpa of sorts to Addy) went and hid easter eggs all over the house for the kids. Joe’s eyes lit up. They are all grandmas and grandpas and I think they enjoyed that.

The party was a hit. When A came down the stairs and saw all the decorations in the morning in her little 2 year old voice she said “Look at that!” and then jumped up and down and said “I’m a happy girl!”. Insert the sound of my heart melting all over the floor.

As an aside, I wear more pink lately. A deep pink. It goes so nicely with everything. I decided it was because I am deeply happy. I need to remember that.

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  1. Zhenya says:

    I am glad you guys had a good time. Sorry, we couldn’t make it to the party. About being anxious…I hear what you are saying. I am a bit better now about not having the anxious nausia before big parties. It used to be pretty bad. I get this from my Mom. Maybe you and I can talk about this sometime. Whats your schedule like? And Happy BIG 2 to Addy! What a milestone!

  2. Mrs. T says:

    Happy Birthday to your lovely, happy, 2 year old girl!I had a big party last summer that sort of blossomed into a bigger party. ONe of those “if we invite them, then we have to invite THEM,” and on and on kind of parties. Oy.

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