Baby Bee


My whole life revolves around A, in a way so but I still don’t write much about her here.

Lately she seems to just have blossomed.

We play a game with her where we tell her to say stuff and laugh at how cute she sounds. She honestly thinks ladybug is merely a mispronunciation of babybug. And everything small with wings is a babybug.

One morning when I walked into her room we had a small conversation.

Me: Good morning!
Her: G morning!
Her: Ah love you too!
Me: I love you!
Her: Ahma happy girl?!

Is there any better way to start a day? She is cultivating this little personality. Ninety nine percent of the time she is so sweet it is almost surreal. I don’t talk about it because I know no one wants to hear me brag on my kid. But man, she is something else. What did I do to deserve a child that makes me so happy?

I wonder sometimes about how God wired our brains to be parents. I have become so patient, so empathetic. That’s not to say she doesn’t get in some trouble occasionally. She lately won’t let me get her clothes on and wants to roam around nekkid while I try to get the day going. She has always had major issues with having her face wiped. It is like some form of primal torture for her. She never wins that battle.

She knows the butones for getting the atencion. She does her ABC’s and she knows she can get a “good girl!” even if she can only make it to G. After G it is a random assortment of alphabets. Her numbers are the same way. She can identify numbers and letters correctly mostly, but not reliably. Still she knows mom will become much more interested in her when she chooses to practice.

I am wishing I could stop buying diapers. It was humorous, the other day a mom who had started Infant potty training with her son at 4 months was boasting to me that at 18 months he only needed a diaper at night. But A, at nearly 2 is waaaay less than interested in the pot that has been lingering since October last. So I have begun to ply her with m n m’s. I know it has to be her idea. I know it has to be fun. But I can at least make it more fun when she chooses to sit on the pot. As for the mom who did infant potty training, after having read about rushing the kid to the toilet when they make the certain face that meant they were doing something, sheesh, it sounds more like parent training to me. Let her brag, after all the work she probably did for over a year?

Mostly it isn’t these “typical” benchmarks that are fun. It is her surprises with what she knows. Like when she tries to stick a pencil in her hair like mom and then get on her little toy scooter and says “bye bye!” so important. It is amazing to me how she tries to act like me, wear my shoes, imitate me in small ways. I realize again, wow, I am her MOM. With all the weight that word carries.

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  1. Mrs. T says:

    Precious, she is. Absolutely precious.

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