Decisions, changes at home and International Womens Day


My husband commutes 2 hours to and from work every day (total of 4 hours!). This causes all varieties of little stresses in our lives. Dinner times, family time, married couple time. All of them are about time. We are pretty good at not stressing about money typically, but time is another thing.

So we are on the market. We are looking to move about 1 to 2 hours to the south. This means a new job and a new home for me. I like my job, I don’t really want to leave it.

If his job weren’t such a good one that I tend to think is one of the better ones he wish for, probably we wouldn’t be doing this. It just brings alot of questions.

Will my new school be as good as the one I have now?
Will they let me go part time when we grow our family?
Will we find a new home that we like in a place that we like?
Should we move to a bigger town or a littler one?
Is living in a small town going to make me crazy?
Will this improve the issues we have now?
Should we take the plunge and move to the little town?
Should I go to this job fair tommorrow?
Should we move into one of those new neighborhoods that we don’t like that much?
Should we spend more for lesser house to get into a better neighborhood?
Should I go to other mortgage bankers?
Can I avoid mortgage bankers?
Why do I have to have title insurance and how much will it cost?
How much am I going to have to pay to sell this place?
Should we move sooner or later?

Add to this that his wages are contingent on grants and the uncertainty mounts. Will there be money to pay him in the future or not?

I know it will all be ok. But for now it just seems like alot of decisions without alot of information.

Another reason to believe in God. I know it will all be ok.

And because I don’t like to leave off on a heavy note, I will recount my recollection of Women’s Day in Russia.

On my first Women’s Day, I received a plastic drawstring bag with a picture of some long-stemmed roses. The string was real string, not that chinsy plastic string. And inside my bag? Way down at the bottom corner? A real tube of smudgy black no brand soviet mascara. Sighhhh. To think I missed so many years of this sort of appreciation.

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  1. Mrs. T says:

    Oy, such decisions. Sometimes, though, things have a wonderful way of working out just the way they were meant to be.

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