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Samba Sam

Open this link in a new window and listen while you read. It is Moreno Veloso singing Arrivederci.

Now in case you all didn’t know, I like to listen to brazilian samba stuff. I think that pretty much there is not a person on this earth, who if they heard this music wouldn’t like it. This music is heavenly. And if you want to do yourself a favor, here are a few cd’s that are guaranteed to warm up your winter. I just got a new disc from amazon that with shipping I paid less than five yes five smackeroos for.

if you didn’t like that last one, try this one, Quarteto Jobim Morelenbaum.

It was Bossacucanova and there are still some left. Do yourself a favor for heavens sake and turn off that Ratt or White Snake or Culture Club or whatever it is, and geez go get this.

I admit sometimes this music can get kinda elevatorish when the composers get old, but in their younger days they are all swingin. Start out with a little Girl From Ipanema, move on to One Note Samba, Corcovado and just keep goin. Dig a little Moreno Veloso, Jussara Silviera, Paulinho Moska, and don’t forget the masters Caetano Veloso and Quarteto Jobim Morelenbaum, and Joao Gilberto.

It sounds corny perhaps, but this is music in its finest hour.

Addy update

My daughter, now 22 months, is making little sentences. Around thanksgiving she had about 50 words. Christmas, about 75. Now she is saying “I like it!” and “Look at it!” or “Look at this!” or “Where is it?” and “There it is!” and “I see you!”. I put my hair up and she said “That’s cute!” today while she was in the bath. Folks, I don’t mean to sound like a bragging mother, I know every child learns to make sentences. Sometimes I guess I am just amazed that I got all this. It’s like a present one thought they never would get. So pardon me if I sound like I think my kid is better, I don’t really, I know she is just plodding the development course like everyone else. Don’t yak, it’s just really fun to see her make these little sentences. Little steps.

Every day she just gets a little more something something. More agile, more like a 2 year old who wants everything to be her idea. She dances like a fool and hugs my leg. She tries to con me into helping her do things that she can do herself. Sometimes I am a sucker and help her.

She is learning to pick up her junk, but it’s not coming easy. She is maker of entropy and undoes the house as fast as I can do it. I can’t possibly spend the time getting her to pick up every item she places carefully in well hidden places. Magnet letters in the chopper, plastic strawberries in the drawers, stuffed bears in the laundry and of course the wooden blocks I finally hid because I kept almost killing myself by stepping on them.

The picture is faulty, but I enjoyed watching her dance around with a navel orange at christmas.

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