Let’s Go, Portland!

A flickr artist does Portland as she deserves to be, taken by shoshin seishu.
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They don’t call PDX bridgetown for nothing, here are some of flickr’s best of my town, did I mention that I think Portland is the best looking town I ever did see?

This one is from Scott_rtw of flickr.

Also from Scott _rtw, with a wider angle taken from Morrison Bridge, if memory serves.

From Ale_Sayad on flickr, Max train, a regular view here.

Pioneer Courthouse Square, where alot goes on all the time. Also by Ale Sayad.

Everpresent grey skies, also by Ale Sayad. Here we are looking South down the Willamette from one of the 9 or so bridges that span it in the Portland Metro area.

In our own downtown, a magnificently interesting place to be. Also by Ale Sayad.

Lady Long took this at our very own Japanese Garden. Wish I had taken it. We also have a Chinese Garden.

This one is also from the Japanese Garden, also from Lady Long, as the next one is as well.

This and the next one are shots of the Pearl District, a schmancy loft and artisan retail place where one lives when they have little to no family and oodles of cash. Both are by Josh Oakhurst.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs. T says:

    Makes me want to visit Portland! Just out of curiousity, is the Bad-Ass Coffee company in Portland, or is it in Eugene?

  2. Fitèna says:

    So pretty! Makes me want to visit too!Fitèna

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