100 things: consider the source

Since I read the things about people when I go a blog reading, I guess I will quit this mystery business.

1. By and large I think blogs are vain, shallow and really kind of, well, like folly.

2. I blog anyway.

3. I wore full head gear and rubber bands for 2 years in the 80’s. (ouch)

4. I value friendships and listening, but am fairly lousy at times in both of these endeavors.

5. My kid is beautiful.

6. I believe in birthday spankins!

7. Mental health days, yes.

8. Shoes are important.

9. Traveling overseas is something every American should do at least 3 times.

10. I reluctantly live in the suburbs in a drafty house.

11. Good taste is an important quality in friends.

12. I teach, therefore I learn.

13. I have bouts of insomnia.

14. I am pretty bad at small talk.

15. My left eye has been red on and off for about a year and a half and my opthamologist makes me wait an hour every time I see him, so I hate to go.

16. My hair is curly, but not permed.

17. I dated for 15 years before getting married.

18. Dating is a hassle.

19. I will travel and live overseas again.

20. I like non-fiction and fiction both.

21. I love to cook. I am not necessarily a great cook though.

22. I used to ride a motorcycle and salsa dance.

23. I believe in the God of Moses.

24. I like to take pictures.

25. My family is screwed up just like everyone else’s. I still hope I can do better for my daughter.

26. My husband rawks.

27. I live in Portland and think it is a beautiful town, but sometimes think the residents here are all deluded.

28. I believe Americans live in a bubble of security. It’s nice here in the bubble. It’s definitely better than having ones kids conscripted into a child army.

29. Cookies are important sometimes.

30. Smarties make you smarter.

31. Were it not for smarties and coffee, I never would have graduated college.

32. I paid for my college myself and by the time I pay it off, it will be almost 100,000 dollars.

33. I don’t really think that information makes people smarter.

34. I have high arches.

35. I am sarcastic too often.

36. I value being a good educator.

37. I lived in Russia for 2 years.

38. I speak Russian poorly.

39. I would like to speak Russian better.

40. I read.

41. I teach Health, ESL and Spanish

42. I have never been to Vegas. I am ok with that.

43. If I would have known how much I was going to love my daughter I would have had a kid sooner.

44. I consider adoption.

45. I have blue/green/grey eyes.

46. I like to ride my bike to work.

47. I don’t make silly things into moral issues, like environmental responsibility, weight, beauty or money.

48. I am opinionated.

49. I try to keep my opinions to myself, which I am very bad at doing.

50. We had a retired racing greyhound named Mister Dog.

51. We are perpetually fixing our house.

52. I like people but sometimes I like them better when they are silent.

53. I aim to please, sometimes.

54. I am built for comfort and efficiency, not speed.

55. Married a Republican which makes for interesting conversation.

56. I have 2 stepkids who live 15 hours away. This is distressing.

57. We will move to a new home in 2007.

58. My husband has a 4 hour commute.

59. We don’t get TV reception.

60. Massage should be mandatory for everyone.

61. I don’t feel a need to have a cell phone because mostly I am too cheap.

62. I love music.

63. My favorite music is Brazilian samba.

64. I cannot ice skate.

65. I stink at math.

66. I am bad with verbal instructions, I have to see things.

67. I rely too much on my computer.

68. My husband has a whiteman’s afro.

69. I was paid to serve coffee at a major coffee retailer. For 5 years. (college)

70. I have some junk in the trunk.

71. I used to attend a very liberal hippie college.

72. I was not raised in a religious home.

73. I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer.

74. I had a c section (after 20 hours of labor).

75. I am a linguistics nerd.

76. I HATE grocery shopping.

77. I believe new boots for a girl can have some magic.

78. Chocolate and red wine is a good end of a long day.

79. I think getting uppity about things just makes people look ridiculous. Guilty.

80. I taught in China one summer.

81. I couldn’t care less what kind of a car a person drives.

82. I love dancing.

83. I sing, regardless of how good I sound.

84. When I grow up, I will learn how to play the fiddle.

85. I have a grandma who lives in eastern Washington. (she died June 2007)

86. I grew up in Seattle.

87. My brother is a police lieutenant.

88. I moved every six months for about 4 years and it sucked.

89. I love people who are not afraid of being themselves.

90. I am really kind of a spaz sometimes.

91. I have a negative opinion of tattoos. Guilty.

92. I have a positive opinion of two wheeled transport.

93. I loves me a good bagel.

94. PB and J is a staple of my diet.

95. I make some mean spaghetti sauce.

96. I wish I knew how to play chess and the guitar.

97. I love Ethiopian, Indian and Japanese food.

98. I used to own only cats, but was recently called a dog person.

99. My favorite Christmas cards are from my friends overseas.

100. Coffee, yes.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. happychyck says:

    How well-rounded! I love these kinds of things so you can get a know a fellow blogger better. This is a great reflection for a new year, too!

  2. jane says:

    BOOTS!!!!!! i just got a new pair… and they are totally magical.

  3. Adeline says:

    Wow, Jane even commented! Jane, y’all dont have Goodwill thar in Korea, I’m tellin ya, I got a pair of Italian black leather shoes and a pair of boots, both gently used and there are few things in life like getting two new pair of really awesome shoes/boots for less than 15 bucks.

  4. Mary says:

    coffee. yes.Happy new year!

  5. someTRGuy says:

    Well there ya go…100 reasons why I love you so darn much! Good job, buddy. My personal favorites…6. I believe in birthday spankins!21. I love to cook. I am not necessarily a great cook though. (BS: you are an OUTSTANDING cook – the finest bar none)26. My husband rawks.And…43. If I would have known how much I was going to love my daughter I would have had a kid sooner.I love you sweets.

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