That mambo post is super old. I just never got around to putting it up.

The real news, of course, is Christmas.

Ghost of Christmas Present

Now, this year is really so far been just amazing. The best ever. Why? Because. Neither Jeff nor I will drive for more than one hour to anyones house. Because I ordered almost everything online and avoided the mall. I am happy with the gifts I have purchased, with the money spent. Because I will NOT be driving 6 or 16 or 30 hours, nor will Jeff. We will just be home. Homehomehomehomehome sweet home.

Home to start some traditions, home to bake cookies and decorate, home to listen to the Christmas music that we like and to turn it off when it gets annoying. Home to open gifts that haven’t been crushed in the trunk of the car. Home to go out to Ethiopian food. Home. No hurt feelings, no leaving too early, too late, no stepsiblings spouse’s dirty looks or snide comments, no parents amped on antidepressants. Home to put my kid to bed in her own crib, with pjs that came from her dresser and not a suitcase after a night together, comfortable.

Ghosts of Christmases Past

My Christmases have always felt a little like having my arm behind my back and being wrenched tighter and tighter. Alot of distance and alot of expectations and alot of delicate little feelings that no matter how fast and carefully I danced, I could not avoid somehow somewhere stepping, squashing someone’s feelings. This and massive outlays of cash, this has been Christmas.

But I enjoyed Chucheria‘s post…a Christmas as it is meant to be. With A around, it is within reach. Our house always shows the same videos: Home Alone, Christmas Story and my favorite, It’s a Wonderful Life. The tree, the decorations (all of which are more beautiful because I didn’t buy any of them-no I didn’t steal them either), the Christmas cookies, going visiting to some old friends, and doing stuff we like to do, like listening to the Beatles White Album (I got it the year I got my first record player, so it is like Christmas music to me) and Peanuts Christmas and Ave Maria, which I love, and of course, Ethiopian food (YUM!), making Stollen and special gift opening rituals.

Thankyou Churcheria, I needed to be reminded today of just how amazingly happy I am this year as compared to ghosts of Christmas Pasts.

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  1. Mrs. T says:

    Awww, shucks. Glad to oblige. It’s true, isn’t it? There’s no place like home for the holidays. Enjoy your time with your family. Wish we didn’t have to drive 3 hrs. to get Ethiopian food!

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