I am a poor boy too (pa rum pa pum pum).

I felt myself feeling strangely proud of our tree. Grateful for all the ornaments I never bought but was gifted. And generally feeling that our tree could kick the butts of all the other trees humbly located in living rooms throughout the neighborhood.

Getting competitive about strange things, no? This and scrabble, I kick scratch bite and scream.

Anyway, I am happy with it. This is the one we cut. I am left feeling strangely social and antisocial at once this season. I find I enjoy the time most of all with my family, and don’t want to risk giving that time to anyone else, sometimes.

So guess who won’t be living up at christmas parties every saturday this year?

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  1. Natalie says:

    I love the tree you have put up. It is gorgeous. Is it a fir? In the midwest, we always got pines like a scotch pine because that is what grows there. Firs were always expensive because they had to be imported (maybe from OR?) but they were coveted dearly.

  2. Adeline says:

    My dad was always insistent that we have a noble fir. So growing up with always a noble, they kind of became the definition of a “proper” tree for me. I dont think we would have a real tree if we didnt live in the christmas tree capital of the world or whatever.They are expensive, but they smell good and they leave space for the ornaments and they are noble in their looks. They are good lookin trees.thankyou for the nice compliment!

  3. Mrs. T says:

    Your tree is beautiful- it makes me want to cozy up in front of it for the night. We got a Frazier fir this year- nothing can compare to its heavenly scent and it’s worth the extra cost.I wish I would have made the same promise to stay home instead of attending Christmas parties.

  4. Margaret says:

    Merry Christmas, you should be proud of that tree!

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