We live in Oregon, Christmas Tree land. Feast eyes, all those in balmy climes.

This was my first shooting experience with a real camera. A Canon EOS Digital Rebel. I am reading the manual and another book about getting better shots, actually getting better control of the camera. So this is my first time out. They could be worse, I suppose.

Surveying here. Scenes like this make me love Oregon.

I like this one even though it is a total bonehead shot. Er, what am I supposed to focus on? This camera is so fully automated, it is kind of like a hopped up point and shoot. This pic is the result of wanting to get shots, but not getting all my details squared, like turning off the AF.

I took about a hundred shots, mostly just to get the hang of the camera. I am still a little blown away by the difference between my previous camera and this one–the file size on the Kodak is about 800kb, this one a file size is 4.5 MB. It makes me sad to think of the time wasted on the Kodak, and the price of it…and the juice that dripped on it, and the sand that got in it, and the time wasted and the money wasted…

Back to the trees, while Jeff cut our tree that I picked out, I played. I admit, I walked away from this experience thinking “I have so much to learn,”.

This is the tree in our living room, it is not decorated, it is just hanging out smelling good. I think this one could benefit from some Photoshop time.

I haven’t purchased this camera, it is on loan to me from Jeff’s work. I think it goes back tommorrow. I would post more pictures, except they take forever to upload. It is equipped for fast transfer of images, but my computer doesn’t have a port for this. The camera is 600 dollar camera. The computer, well. This just looks like a hobby I probably cannot afford. Too bad!

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