Still wierd.

Once, shortly after my daughter was born, I realized something really strange happened to my TV/movie viewing habits.

I could no longer watch scenes with pregnant women, babies, or children in peril. I wierded out about it completely. I would run out of the room, close my eyes and just worry alot.

Even the baby penguins that died, or even the eggs, in the March of the Penguins was too much for me.

Can I tell you that this is the same person that (some years ago, when I was much younger…)introduced such fantastically violent films like A Clockwork Orange to my friends? My tastes have always been fringe. And anything went. I always *knew* that I wasn’t effected by whatever they put in movies. “I could watch anything” I thought, it was, after all, just a movie.

I can’t watch stuff anymore. We just watched the first episodes of 24 and the stupid teenage girls getting slipped roofies, subsequently kidnapped are killing me. When stuff happens, like her arm getting broken, getting hit by a car whatever…it is practially a visceral experience. I can’t watch. It’s like watching someone beat up my own daughter.

Very strange for me. Wayyyy too much empathy.

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  1. Zhenya says:

    After I had Abigail, I no longer took any type of risk. I don’t even do the things that fall into the “very low risk” category by most people anymore. Ok, things like the rollecoasters–I won’t do cuz “I don’t want to contribute to the orphan population on this earth” is what I say to my self when an opportunity such as driving a fourwheeler at 15mph comes up. Is that just crazy? Am I missing out on the FUN?

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