Labor Day ( a little late)

Sorry all, First week back at school…

Labor Day went to Eastern WA, Chewelah (remember I posted about this before?)

To get there I drove due East along the Columbia River for about 3 or so hours and then cut North to cross into Washington.

This was my cargo. Destination: Gramma.

Yes, I am posting a picture of my gramma on my blog. My gramma rocks, y’all. She is 86.

AJ handled the trip well, all told.

It was a busy time for Gram, we toodled her all over town and she was ok with every bit of it. Her advice to me was to not grow old. Although when we got back after the 2 days out I suspect she will sleep for 2 days straight.

It was quite a trick dealing with the walker and the stroller, hence the back pack. If I had had time, I would have taken more snaps of the was pretty nice there.

Apparently AJ was a little excited about taking a bath and couldn’t wait for her clothes to come off as I was on the phone.

That evening she read a little Dr. Phil.

The next day, back in Portland, J took me to the dahlia farm…

But more on that for another day…

5 Comments Add yours

  1. aadil says:

    Your cute baby takes after you; as far as the hypnotic eyes, thin eyebrows and flat-end nose are concerned. 🙂

  2. happychyck says:

    awwwwww! Those are sweet pictures!

  3. carmib says:

    Who is that child with you?? I recognize my Mom, but we have missed out on some steps is Addy’s growing up.

  4. jane says:

    ahh, WA…. such a beautiful state!

  5. Anonymous says:

    yeh i dont know you but i like your pics!!*

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