Welcome Back Welcome Back Welcome Back

Where to start?
With all the crap I have stored in Room 179?
With unpacking all the junk I packed before I was told I would have a classroom?
With starting to figure out what it is I am teaching?
With pulling out files of things I am no longer teaching but spent years cobbling together?
With a record number of mandatory meetings?
With looking at my class rosters to see if I recognized any names?
With preparing all the stuff I would implement in my teaching?
With moving all the files onto the computer that I am using, hoping it doesn’t crash? (over 3 disks worth of stuff that undoubtedly needs to be cleaned up a bit)
With saying hello to all the people I haven’t seen in 2.5 months?

Where to start?

The past several days I have been back at school. I have one new class and another whose curriculum has changed so much that it is practically a new class.

I have a new InFocus! I have no laptop.

Day one was 100% meetings and I managed to get books unpacked.
Day Two was pure meetings and a little bit of files unpacking.
Today I missed a meeting (at least the first hour and a half of it) and tried to really feel settled in this room, until the panic of “Crap! What am I teaching?” sinks in.

Tommorrow I go to Eastern Washington with A to visit granny in a last attempt before summer is really over.

When I come back I will probably start doing many things to ease transition.

This year I will be back from the baby year, wherein my whole priority revolved around A. I have noticed the motherhood symptoms manifesting (atrophied brain, lost vocabulary, too much happiness at interacting with adults). I will work on this.

Okay y’all. Hooray!

Thinking about you Natalie, may I pleeeease announce Elliot’s birth at school? This is my 3rd request. I know, I know you are veeeery busy. I may just go forth and ask for forgiveness later.

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