AJ is talking now. A mad litany of “meow! thankyou! mommy! daddy! byebye! sit down! dog dog!” we have taught her “OPA!” which is a greek toast. I think I would never get tired of hearing her saying it with her little baby voice. She is trying out new words, she’s got “See ya!” and says it right after saying “Bye Bye”, she is trying our “banana” and tonight she even said “one two three”. I will stop because I sound like I am bragging, pardon me.

She is such a little girl now, just a few months ago she looked like this.

She is 16 months. She has grown so incredibly tall. I love to squeeze her chubby little legs. She cries at the top of the stairs when we leave her. She cries like it is the end of the world and then she goes and plays.

She still tips all cups over and watches them drip on her.

She says “bye bye” when a car starts up or a door closes and “uh oh” whenever anything drops to the floor.

She climbs up on the couch and has no idea that falling off would hurt her. She reads a magazine on the couch. She reads “Parenting”. Perhaps it will give her some insight on what to do with these parents she has.

Or maybe she just likes the pictures of the babies.

She is learning stairs. We have hardwoods. Yikes.

She sings “3 blind mice” and is sounds like “Gi ga bye”, but she is in tune…

She is ruthless purse invader. And comes to me with pride as she has smeared my new makeup all over and nibbled on my lipstick. This leads to the “how does one discipline a 16 month old?” question. I tried and she started marching around saying “NONONO!” She didn’t learn “I love you,” or “Good girl!” she learned NONONO! So now I am thinking I will search for alternate phrases to discourage some things. Especially when she turns that NONONO on me. It’s impossible to know just how much she understands.

She is learning not to get up on her tippy toes and go digging around in drawers for goodies. It is hard to know what she understands, but we are navigating.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Fitèna says:

    lol! I I just love this post! Maybe because I have a very soft soft spot for babies an baby talk! NONONO is every learning to speak baby’s favourite word!Fitèna

  2. Natalie says:

    “No” was my first word. I don’t know what that says about my parents or my mother… but given who she is today, I don’t have to think very hard. But, I turned out okay in the end. I smiled a lot at your blog. Pretty soon I can see myself writing similar things. Only 2 more weeks… about.

  3. Megan says:

    Adorable. Crazy how fast they grow.

  4. Adeline says:

    Fitena: Agh, yeah maybe it is the favorite word, but when your child says no to you, eyes narrow and I wonder “Does this kid know that she is asking for it?”Natalie: Yeah if you are anything like most moms, everything changes after having a kid…the whole world looks different, and one’s whole life as well.

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