Redwoods part two

In the middle of the trip we stopped in Trinidad because… ocean, which A had never met before. Little was not quite sure what to think of it.

That evening we checked into our expensive and luxurious hotel “The PennySaver Inn”. I went to the spa and A went to bed while J and I enjoyed TV! wow, what a concept. Travel Channel…mmm.
Next day we went to the docks first…

Then the beach, where A acclimated (ate) to sand. She was fond of charging into the ocean as well.

After much sand munching, on the way home, A read a book.

We went home, ate, rested then headed out to a bike trail for the evening.

It landed us on the Smith River. The only river in Cali protected against dams or dumping. It was crystal clear, warm and beautiful.

The next day after our beach trip to Pelican Point, we went cycling again. This trip was quite a bit longer and through a thick grove of Redwoods.

J taught A how to ford a stream and build a dam.

This ride took most of the day, and we went home.

We swam in the pool, ate.

My bike is about 20 years old. A very old rock hopper that has a seat adjuster that hits my inner thigh just so perfectly that I got a quarter shaped, very purple and brown and yellow bruise. I also made J go get me some muscle cream because when the chain wasn’t coming off when I was shifting, it just wouldn’t shift period, allowing me to go up hills in high gear. That night my quads were a mess. Anyway, with all this, I got J to admit: I need a decent bike. Yippee!!! The Rock Hopper was my college bike…I had had so many bikes jacked on PSU campus, I refused to leave any decent bike there. I didn’t do much to maintain it except keep it covered and lubed–now with a decent job, and how much I enjoy riding, it’s just time.

I highly recommend the Cali coast. The city itself was really of perfect size. Yes, it was sunscorched, yes, it is a little economically depressed. But the beaches and forests that surround this area are amazing, accessible–beaches are not crowded, bicycles paths, it really was great. And while everyone else was having a heat wave, there the temps were 70s and 80s.

Go there! DO that!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalie says:

    How did you get Addy around on the bike? Do you have one of those cart things behind or a plastic seat behind yours? My parents use to put us in those seat things on the back of their bikes. I remember a tumble with my mom one day when I was 4 I think.

  2. Adeline says:

    We have a seat attachment on the back of the bike. Addy wears a helmet.

  3. Megan says:

    These pictures are amazing! The one of the river with your feet at the bottom of the pic made me laugh–so serene and beautiful, and then feet. Your daughter is just about the cutest thing ever. Thanks for sharing all this! Makes me want to do another CA road trip and head a bit further north next time!

  4. em says:

    Amazing picturesi am so jealoussoo jealous right now:)

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