You decide.

Carbon Monoxide in meat. Okay or not okay? A friend and I had a big brawl, he knocked out my front teeth and I kicked him in his shins and stepped on his toes.

So, you decide…  I am a label reader, I want full disclosure. Want the same thing with meat and produce too, would like to know everything really, and be allowed to decide.

A friend said if it is “Generally recognized as safe” and poses no threat at the levels used, what’s the big deal?

Weigh in please! The first article is a pretty good education. Oh and vegetarians? No need to use this as opportunity to feel smugly superior! We are looking more at the principle here than anything else…

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  1. Natalie says:

    I definitely agree with full disclosure. I try to be as natural about what I eat as possible and how would you know except the label! I generally do not trust our major food producers, nor do I trust every decision by the FDA. Food producers are out to make money. The FDA is a government agency that is very suseptible to political rangling. As far as the carbon monoxide goes, if no one used it, we wouldn’t think meat needed to be bright red. It is a training issue… once they have you thinking it should be a certain way, then anything that deviates from that is seen as not good. I was just having a conversation last night with my hubby about this new Trans Fat thing. Now that it is required on labels, I haven’t seen anything with Trans fat in it. Our guess is that since they became required to put it on there, food producers have stopped using it. One reason why full disclosure and reading labels is a good thing.

  2. M says:

    Don’t need to read.Go vegetarian, don’t bother with debates on these things. Woohootofu!

  3. Adeline says:

    BZZZZT! you’re out!”Oh and vegetarians? No need to use this as opportunity to feel smugly superior! We are looking more at the principle here than anything else…”

  4. RunningWheel says:

    There was way too much to comment on, and I didn’t want to bog down your blog. So I wrote up a few posts on my blog regarding this Washington Post article. I am glad that it has gotten people thinking, but am disappointed with how it perpetuates the hysteria.Oh, and vegetarians have to deal with these things too. Don’t think that there aren’t chemicals being put on your veggies to keep them happy and colorful (I can think of one right off, and it isn’t wax).As for trans-fats, they are a buy product of partially hydrogenating oils. It was the discovery of their harm more than the labelling that spurred the industry to remove them from products (though the labelling did help to speed this up).

  5. The Great Saphenous says:

    I don’t really care that the meat companies are putting CO in my meat–this is why I have a liver and kidneys–but I do think that they should at least label things as “Carbon Monoxide added”. I mean, it is a dangerous chemical. I’m sure there are other dangerous chemicals being added to our meats and other foods that no one knows about, and that sucks, but what the public doesn’t know, the public doesn’t care about.

  6. Fitèna says:

    Oh but I like knowing what’s in my plate!!!we have a friend who told us about this concept he heard of in Latin Amarica. You go into a restaurant. No menu. Its meat meat and meat. They serve you plate full of meat of God knows what. You eat and eat till you put your flag down. Didn’t get time to check the veracity of this but Heather, i just like to know what am eating because i think we once unknowingly, in Burkina Fasso, ate dog meat. So, i make sure now what am eating!fitèna

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