This person has changed my life.  My daughter.

In thinking about community, I personalized it. What do I do to make my community know me? I feel like I have started, I have attempted.

What do you do, readers? What could you do for your community that came out of your strengths and passions?

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  1. RunningWheel says:

    I think you are doing it just right! You are a very giving person who cares a lot about how others are doing. You are good at reaching out to others. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are already getting that kind of positive reputation within your own neighborhood. But you may not even realize it for years.We all probably have a few people in our lives that really touch us deeply, remind us that we are valuable, are there when we need a friend. But how often do we let this person know we appreciate them? I have heard friends like this ask if they make a difference…they didn’t even realize how powerfully they already have.The tricky part is balance. It is all of our responsibility to create community, not just one or two individuals. A person could easily be run ragged if they were always the one making sure everyone was doing well. it is hard to balance breadth and depth.

  2. suleyman says:

    I am moving out for grad school, although I’m still on the fence as to where I will be moving to. So, booyah.What you are doing in your community seems like enough. I don’t do any of that stuff.You could contribute to some long-distance community by sending me some banana bread :)-Suley

  3. em says:

    (First of all, daughter is soooo cute!!! I love it!!)I just caught up on your blog. I was really interested in the ‘blogalogue’. I come from a town of <200 people. Not only was the town small, it was geographically isolated. We really had no choice but to depend on each other and as a result knew everything of everyone. I used to dream of living in a place with infinite possibilities and having a sense of anonymity. Now at 30 I miss the community. The town I live in now is fairly large (for New England). I moved in next door to my sister. I looked up friends from college that live in the area. I even found a couple of friends from highschool. It is hard to explain: people can make my skin crawl but I need to feel part of a community? Especially since almost no one I will ever meet shares a background with me. I guess Maine is still very community oriented. Even in our biggest town we have neighboorhood events and corner stores where everyone knows everyone. It can make a person claustrophobic but I think of how they would all know who my son was and who he ‘belonged to’ if there was ever any trouble? and they would give a damn as well. It does give me some security.

  4. Fitèna says:

    You’re doing fine Heather! I believe you were first looked at with suspecion, no? But people change (thank God) and in this case, am sure its for the better. They’ll start talking to each other, greeting each other then get to the real reason why they’ve started talking to each other: who is she? why does she do it? She actaully invited us on christmas eve? She invited you too? that’s weird? Not weird, nine. That’s nice.See!FitènaPS: Big kiss to Ady!

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