“Please somebody help”


On 9/11 3,500 people died.

We grieved. The world grieved with us.

But what happens here? 5,000 dead, 200,000 displaced. Day 3 and they are still waiting for help.

Why is it that only certain places, certain people are paid attention to? A woman I met from north of New Orleans said the place is still a mess, only construction workers there now. At least that is good, though we all heard about how painfully slow the help was in coming, how the exhausted emergency response, the same people who give out violations for traffic infractions, suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

Before I checked email I was only thinking about me. My time, my plans, my holiday. Now I wish my life was bigger to be able to do something.

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  1. activist kaza says:

    Here’s a thought: GIVE! Many will contribute to the American Red Cross but if you want the money to go directly to Indonesia (which is a Muslim country, after all), it may be better to give with a designation for Indonesian Quake Relief ’06 to the International Society of Red Cross/Red Crescent.They’re ready to take your donations NOW!

  2. Adeline says:

    KazaBelieve me, I know about giving. I belong to a church, so how can I not know about giving.But throwing money, while it is better than doing nothing, doesn’t really very much feel like helping…truly helping. I am sure that you are as aware of this as I am aware that the Red Cross needs my money for these catastrophies. Still that’s not to discourage the action of donating to the cause, it is valid, necessary.

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