She has been much fun. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera (a Kodak Easy Share) allow me to take about 5 pictures before they die. Soooo, even with rechargeable batteries…so far no picture of her to post.

Today I took her to Multnomah Falls and then off to Mexican food and Target so she could buy Arrested Development–first two seasons. She said it is her english lessons for when she goes home. We did all this after a long day for me at work, so I felt I had done well. We would have gone to Edgefield for a beer, but it is too late now, child is in bed. Jeff is gone.

She is very nice, easy going and is always trying to clean my kitchen, load dishes into dishwasher. Yesterday we went pretty much nowhere…except for Addy’s water class, church and Target again, where she bought souvenirs. Saturday though we went to Saturday Market and then at night we took her to the Greek Cusina where she witnessed and experienced all the Greek dancing, throwing plates, belly dancer and the full monty of a 40th birthday party for a friend.

So I think we have successfully shown her a good time. Made some barbecue skewers for her, some enchiladas, some crepes, some pancakes bacon and eggs and she said I was a good cook. She made us some Miso soup from a package mix because she is not fond of cooking. She brought me a Yukata and Jeff a nice map of Japan.

It’s been fun for me because she is fun to show things–she doesn’t talk too much and so it’s very relaxing to be with her.

Picture soon, promise

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  1. suleyman says:

    A Yukata? Wow, that’s very nice. And I’m impressed that she likes Arrested Development.-Suley

  2. Fitèna says:

    Whats a Yukuta?Can’t wait to see the pictures!!!Fitèna

  3. suleyman says:

    A yukata is a type of kimono. It’s more casual.-Suley

  4. Fitèna says:

    Gee, thanks Suley!Sayonara (that’s the only japanese word I know, that and sushi)!Fitèna

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