Spring Sprang Sprung


I haven’t been a very uplifting blog person lately, come to my blog and all varieties of bad things seem to be going on. So I will show now the things that are going on that are kinda inspiring, mundane to some perhaps, but for me, very nice.

These are the best of my tulips, leaning toward the sun, contrasted by the only time of the year when our grass will actually be green.

I think this is Camelia. She is rather pathetic, a mere stick coming out of the ground in the back yard. But every year she redeems herself with these melony flowers.

Japanese Maple is the old and ancient looking anchor of our yard. Here is merely a closeup of her lacy leaves.

Hosta, I didn’t know he’d come back, so every year he does, it’s like a special surprise. So I planted 2 more next to him for company.

Ferny is the first thing I see when I walk out my door. I trimmed him down to nubs in january or so and then waited for anticipation for these fronds to unfurl. Just when I had about given up hope, thinking that I had also killed the most unkillable thing in my yard, ferny started to poke out and uncurl his furry fronds.

I am a plutonium thumb. Almost everything I seem to plant dies a slow miserable death. Scraggly, hanging on are most of the plants I own. I hope every year around spring that maybe this is the year…especially now that I have my own yard. And I think I have also realized that my new favorite thing to do, I am not necessarily very good at it, but it is gardening. A thing to do which has picked me it seems, more than I have picked it.

I am no J. Star, whose photos make my husband and I ooh and ahh, rather consider this a sort of photo documentary.

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