Birthday Party


Addy’s first birthday today–mom, step dad and step mom drove 3 hours from Seattle to attend. Props to step mom who also delivered new high quality couch for our living room–goes perfectly.

Pics to come. It was an amazing “big deal” for a first birthday party. Addy threw cake everywhere, was oblivious to candle-blowing-outting. Thankfully there was enough food for all 9 hungry adults and 6 hungry children present.

She got a bike seat, some outfits, some toys and a red wagon in which I will happily pull her along. Mom provided delicious homemade cakes, stepmom provided the shoes I kept telling myself I didn’t need but secretly wanted for Addy (the Robeez) because they were spendy.

Overall a rather amazing outpouring of love for that little girl who did quite well in the hub-bub of everything.

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  1. Fitèna says:

    Tune San din Kwaylon!Janadeen Murarak!Eid Milad Sa’id!Joyeux Aniverssaire!ANDHappy Birthday!All to Addy!!!!May she be Happy and a source of hapinness to you and J, Heather!Kiss!Fitèna

  2. suleyman says:

    You know, I still have a recording of Addy cooing and making baby sounds on my mp3 player.The internet is so strange. It allows people to celebrate a baby’s birthday over thousands of miles without ever having met face to face. -Suley

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