Sleep Meme


I wish I was a viking in the area of sleep these days like M is.

My thoughts are like a white water stream –unstoppable. They range from everything menial like turning off the heat, leaving the laptop in the car, being ready for what was to do the next day, what to wear, plans for things i gotta do tommorrow, till they start to ramp up to a full on anxiety. Then I say “Whoa Silver!” and try to deflect on to subjects that will hopefully lull me into sleepy land. I get so close. Then I realize I am close, and then the lil white water stream starts up again.

Then I toss and turn.

So last night I am thinking I do need to talk to the doctor about some pills to help me get to sleep. I am at work every day going on 3 to 4 hours of sleep…because I tossed and turned for about that many before I could doze off. It takes its toll with the 9th grade boys.

So then I am thinking about how awful it is that a person should have to take a pill to get to sleep and then I realize I know ALL the words to Go Ask Alice by Jefferson Airplane, because the song is playing in my head like a jukebox with that woman’s big wall of a voice.

OK–Saphenous gave a meme. I know meme better than anything.

Four Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:

Do I give the classy jobs I had or the trashy jobs I had?

  1. “Methodologist of English”
  2. Language Teacher (Spanish and English)
  3. Hostess at a fish restaurant (replete with very short skirt–anything to pay rent yo, get my MAT)
  4. Espresso person

Four Movies I’d Watch Over And Over:

  1. Napoleon Dynamite
  2. Raising Arizona
  3. Cyrano de Bergerac
  4. Office Space

Four Places I’ve Lived:

  1. Saratov, Russia
  2. Ecuador
  3. Seattle, WA
  4. Chuvashia, Russia (Cheboksary)

Four TV Shows I Like To Watch:

Umm, we don’t get any reception and I am not really a TV person. I do rent Scrubs and Northern Exposure though. Love Scrubs. We do Netflix instead of TV.

Four Favorite Places I’ve Been:

1. Ecuador
2. Mexico
3. Costa Rica
4. China

Four Websites I Visit Daily:

  2. Google
  3. Me blogrollers
  4. Yahoo

Four Of My Favorite Foods:

  1. Mango Lassi
  2. Sushi
  3. Sweet n Sour Pork
  4. Tikka Masala

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now:

  1. After all this rain, I would rather be anywhere sunny, warm in nature.
  2. Ecuador
  3. In bed reading
  4. Somewhere warm.

Four People I Feel Sorry For Because They’re Getting Tagged:

  1. Suley
  2. Natalie who doesnt ever do the meme’s I tag her for
  3. Neil who probably won’t bother
  4. J!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalie says:

    i go to your meme’s… 🙂

  2. suleyman says:

    Feed your head!-Suley

  3. The Great Saphenous says:

    Scrubs is one of my favorite shows too.What kind of sushi do you like?

  4. em says:

    I am wanting a Mango Lassi at 6am. Thanks! I am also jealous that you have been to China and Russia and Ecuador.I used to (and occasionally still) have sleep problems. Ambien helped me fall asleep right away but I did (even though the add says you will wake feeling ‘rested’) have a lot of groggy next-days.

  5. J. Star says:

    I ought to send you some of my drugs. They help me sleep pretty good 🙂

  6. Fitèna says:

    Jeoulous, jeoulous, jeoulous of the great (sounding) places you’ve been! Never tried sushi… might, someday… Tikka masala is good!!!Fitèna

  7. atpanda says:

    Mmmm sushi. And seriously Russia? That is so cool!

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