Brown and Pink

Is the new black and white, people.

For some reason, I really enjoy these analogies. Pigs are the new dogs! Gauchos are the new Ms Pac Man! Puma’s are the new Con! Mp3’s are the new 8track! huh? what? I always feel like I missed something. I ask myself “Self, What does that mean? Will I be missing out on something hot because I don’t get it? Man! I HATE it when that happens! I am gonna be a fuddy duddy and be lost. I hate that.”

I also enjoy these comparisons: “A murder of crows”–but I can’t think of anymore, though I know a few of you out there have thought of some good ones…send me em and I will compile them with appropriate credit.

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  1. M says:

    I call everything “the new black.” Someone found this particularly ticklesome when I decided knitting was the new black.Whatever tickles your pickle… happy new beer… YEAR! Happy new YEAR.

  2. suleyman says:

    Pumas are the new Cons? Say what? I know you ain’t trippin’.A parliament of owls. That’s from C.S. Lewis. “An Exaltation of Larks” is a great book by James Lipton on the subject of collective nouns.My New Years was awful. Awful.”Hide me under the shadow of thy wings.” That’s an interesting verse. I would like to know what the Hebrew says.-Suley

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