Bio: Leslie the gorgeous lindy and salsa dancin’ bug doctor

This is Leslie and I, circa 2001. We are, I believe, bored around New Years Eve in this picture and are taking pics of ourselves with her brothers’ guitars. We are in his bachelor pad. He is 19 or so, hence the Star Wars Poster.

Leslie is getting her doctorate in entomology in Florida currently. I think it is flippin’ cool that she is studying to be a bug doctor, because she doesn’t seem like a bug doctor to me. And in doing this she exhibits that she possesses the three most important qualities of a real Woman, she is smart, strong and beautiful. Just like the Bionic Woman.
Leslie was in my wedding despite the fact that at the time it took place, there were many major changes going on in her own life. Here she is demonstrating that she is not only a bug doctor who can lindy hop holes in the floor, but she can also give us all hula hoop lessons.

Here we have just gone thrift shopping and mom is snapping pics of our finds. The dress I have on here is still one of my absolute favorite, and I will wear it again soon, when I don’t have a baby girl relying on me for her life giving sustenance. I talked Leslie into this pink and purple thing, and I am not sure that she would classify it as one of her best finds, I rationalized it sayin’ that everything looks good on her, which it does.

And here we are all cleaned up and cheesin it up for the camera. I don’t think my smile could have gotten much bigger in this pic…my bridesmaids were all gorgeous, and the coolest women I know.

These pics don’t really do Leslie justice, but they are all I got. She has huge beautiful eyes and perfect skin. Plus she is the most adventurous dresser I know and can wear pretty much any hairstyle and look good. But that’s not all, she is the best dancer I have seen in my life, and can you tell I miss her?

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  1. suleyman says:

    Lindy hop? Well, that’s pretty impressive. Now, is that the country lindy hop or the swing music lindy hop? I prefer the former. Oh yeah, and that stuff about the bug doctorin’ is kinda impressive too. :)-Suley

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