Meet Mister Dognose. He is a greyhound of first class. A retired racer, he is as sketchy as they come, though he has mellowed considerably since he joined us in October of 03.

Mr. Dognose likes to eat meat, sniff stuff, lay his
head in your lap and beg for pets, sleep and sneak up on the couch and go in n out all day long. He also likes to run at 45 mph and pretend that he is a ferocious force to be reckoned with.

Mr Dognose weighs 70 lbs and we are supposed to clip his nails and brush his teeth, which he cries if you even attempt it. We recently paid around 350 dollars to get his teeth cleaned. I might sound like a bad dog owner, but I am not sure we will be doing that again…

Here he is in his most natural place…. on his bed. We allow him to sleep on the downstairs futon when it has the cover on it and on his bed. We take him for a walk daily, so he can get his doggy yaya’s out, because I think that it’s unkind to own a pet and not get him his exercise. Besides, Jeff enjoys it.

This would be a nice shot of him. The sad thing about dognose these days is that he is wheedling in the house though we cannot figure out where, but with my super sensitive olfactory perception, I can tell. and i cant find it anywhere. drives me bananas.
And this is the coup de grace. sorry no accent. Jeff is in love with Mr. Dog, and especially likes snapping pics of him.

Dog nose is gooooood

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  1. Jenelle says:

    Ok, so I thought I was the only weirdo to drink the brine from the empty pickle jar, though I have never been to Russia. What does that tell you?Greyhounds are the biggest babies when it comes to getting nails done. Also despite the fact that they run amazinly fast and have spurts of amazing energy, they are the biggest couch potatoes! What great pets they make huh? Good for you for rescuing a dog. More people out there should rescue their pets instead of buying…BTW, sorry for going MIA…I am sorta back now.

  2. suleyman says:

    I am not an animal! Did Dogamus lead a daring escape from the greyhound training school?It’s been a while since I listened to any of the Dead Milkmen. I was listening to Suicidal Tendencies the other day, and when I heard this I thought: “dang, they sound almost identical.” Ah, but how I love that tune “Bitchin’ Camaro.” I really like their take on “Love Me Two Times” by the Doors.-Suley

  3. J. Star says:

    I love the doggie pickshures! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Doggie yayas. Hee hee 🙂 Nina and Ella did a song together? (I’m just now getting caught up…)

  4. RunningWheel says:

    45 miles per hour! I thought you might just be throwing a really fast number out, but I checked it out and it is true! Must make playing fetch quite the activity (and I won’t even talk about taking the guy for a walk).

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