Wong Long Shen

Buddhist Temple. I wonder what will happen to that tree.

It’s tricky to get pictures of folks in a communist country, but this woman could understand how I would want to shoot her child.

Down a little alley, honestly, you could get a million shots like this there.

Wong Long Shen. A small small little town. This is in the buddhist temple, it is very hot, midday, and did you know that in China they do siesta too? In the tropical parts they do, Canton is cool enough that they don’t do it.

Not a great shot of her, but the braid on her head is her own hair. She was selling sichuan peppercorns, hot little devils that explode numbing then go away. All the sichuan food has it, but you cannot buy it anywhere else, to my knowledge.

Pedicab. A fun way to get around, except that i always felt bad for the guy. And here we need gym memberships to get this kind of exercise (if we even go, and if we go, if we do more than socialize)

red peppers drying in the courtyard of a house.

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  1. suleyman says:

    I love that gnarled tree. Reminds me of one of the Ents from Lord of the Rings.I must have these sichuan peppercorns. I luvs me some spicy food.Word veri: fmgfsoxg-Suley

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