day dreamin

A friend said he thinks about which time period he would want to live in…such a historian I guess.

For my part I day dream about where I am going to live and teach. I go here…Dave’s ESL Cafe and imagine what job would be the best, how I would live there, the weather, the kids I would teach, what I would eat for lunch, what it would look like going to and from work and what trips I could go on on the weekend.

I can while away hours.

Adeline is particularly fond of biting my face. She is very much on the verge of crawling. She rolls like a crazy baby out of control. She still smiles constantly.

the kids are still nice in school
the air always smells different, like rain or like winter, clean or wet
its not too cold
the leaves on the trees are better than fireworks
everything feels so tumble down and relaxed
i don’t feel bad taking a nap if its raining
it’s the best time of the year to fall in love
riding your bike you can squish all the various detritus on the ground
the weeds stop coming
i can garden and it’s not too hot and i dont wish i was somewhere else
i can plant bulbs and be excited about them poppingup in the spring
everything feels new, even though its not
the dahlias bloom still
all the apples, mean applesauce apple crisp apple pie candied apples baked apples apple stuffing apple fondue apple sausage apples in curry etc…
sleeping in on a rainy day is nice every now and then.
rainy breakfasts in a cafe…

et toi?

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  1. Fitèna says:

    Et moi?J’y refléchit!In the meantime, just listened to the song and I like the sound of it (I need to listen a couple of times to make out what its about). So who is it?Fitèna

  2. suleyman says:

    The tragic genius Elliot Smith. How I love his music. It’s a shame he had to take his own life. That’s an excellent song. The song “Lost and Found” off of Figure 8 reminds me of fall kinda.I prefer winter. It’s quiet and my mind isn’t constantly on fire. And I can sleep (hibernate).A yellow leaf just fell past my window.-Suley

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